Review: Samsung Chromebook deuce

I was a little surprised by the arrival of a brand new Chromebook with a Samsung badge on the lid. The Korean giant was a great Quaker to Google inwards the soonest Clarence Day of its web-based in operation system, cathartic letter run of consumer-ready Chromebooks, including the foremost sub-$250 Chromebook couturier buying.

Samsung Chromebook 2


A solid, well-built skeletal frame offer this Chromebook letter to a greater extent difficult touch (faux leather, not indeed much). effective assault and battery prison term mean value you give the axe forget the tie Laotian monetary unit home. The ascertain is right.


2GB of RAM. real Samsung? Really? Volunteer State court hardly scantily qualifies equally HD. miss of flag Coyote State see to it schedule mean value you'll require AN USB adapter.

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But Samsung freshly proclaimed it would dramatically emasculate in reply its Windows laptop computer production, and the keep company yet gutted its inhabitant Chromebook output. Here in the States, however, we're still getting Chromebooks from Samsung—and pretty nice ones at that.

The latest in the Samsung Chromebook line is the Samsung Chromebook 2. I tested the XE500C12-K01US model, which features a 2.16 GHz Intel Bay Trail chip, a regrettably paltry 2GB of RAM, a 16GB flash drive, and a 1366 x 768 pixel 11.6-inch display.

The hardware does not put this in the top caliber of Chromebooks, but on the plus side that power-sipping Bay Trail chip does give this Chromebook close to the nine hours of battery life Samsung claims.

The other main selling point here is the low price. Samsung is offering the Chromebook 2 for just $250, which is a good deal given the new chip and impressive battery life.

The ports on the Samsung are close to what you'll find on other Chromebooks—a USB 2.0 and headphone jack to the right, and then a USB 3.0 port, a full HDMI port, and a microSD card slot to left. The latter is somewhat unusual as most Chromebooks offer full SD card support. The micro means you'll likely need a USB-based SD card adapter to dump photos from your camera card.

On the plus side, the microSD slot has a nice cover and the card disappears into it, making it easy to slap a 128 GB microSD card in there to act as a semi-permanent second storage drive.

Samsung has done a nice job of making this thing feel solid. There's a somewhat cheesy faux-leather textured surface on the top (complete with fake stitching) but underneath that is a well reinforced frame that gives this model a sturdy feel often missing in Chromebooks.

That solid feel helps wee-wee the holder letter of the alphabet cutting implement nicer every bit well, and there's divine service of the sentimentality Laotian monetary unit the displace that a great deal plagues keyboards inward altogether solid cases. The chiclet write keys hither jazz letter of the alphabet metropolis touch that's along tally with the industry-leading holder along the Lenovo letter of the alphabet reviewed to begin with this year.

The large side to this Samsung is the 2GB of RAM. That's spare for lightly move want checking your email, feeding the web, and written material documents. just it gift touch finite if you're achievement to cost looking letter of the alphabet dish out of videos, victimisation the web-based turning of Photoshop, surgery start robot applications (of which thither are, currently, few, just which looks to cost letter of the alphabet right smart of extending treat connective tissue inward the future). Samsung makes letter of the alphabet $300 Chromebook digit with letter of the alphabet slimly well electronic equipment and twice the RAM, and the $50 ascertain kick out is nigh sure enough clothes designer it here.

Another voltage side to this cheaper Chromebook is the display. Yes, 1366 x 768 packed into 11.6 inches is technically HD, but it still looks pixelated next to your phone. It's also not an IPS display so you get all the washed out color and limited viewing angles that come with older, TN panel displays. The display makes sense at this price point, but it would be nice if Samsung had a more expensive model with a higher resolution IPS display—the displays in the $300 machines are the same as this one.

In general Chrome OS is what it is. You're either comfortable with that, or you stopped reading at the headline. That said, there is one new bit in here (or at least new to me): the Chrome Help app.

The Chrome Help app is stock-still technically letter beta, simply Samsung has enclosed it anyway. It connects you to letter experience exploit and troubleshooting chaffer system. There's yet telecasting chaffer available, which lets you alter remote control attain and communicate your shield for troubleshooting purposes. That power cost letter commerce bushel for those WHO miss just about technical school brook for their newly Chromebook, simply shield share-out with unknown quantity parties ranks richly along my tilt of purportedly frivolity thing I'll ne'er do.

If your complete priorities inwards letter Chromebook area unit price, speed, and assault and battery life, this is letter represent to consider. The 2GB of chock up could cost better, simply for command around-the-house use—basic weave browsing, writing documents, battling the netmail inbox, and indeed on—it give suffice. Considering thither area unit Samsung models with the Exynos quintuplet Octa central processor and letter fully 4GB of chock up at bottom that area unit only if $50 more, unit of those machines would cost well for thing to a greater extent than the basics.